Muscle Ups and Monster Mash


Friday 7th – PR Day
What: A chance to hit some new PB’s and hit one of our benchmark workouts to see how you are progressing and maybe getting to that new athlete level!
Why: Because its always good to check in to see you are progressing and to have a good time all together. And everyone loves a PB!
When: Friday 7th. NOTE: There will be no strength class. 
How: Just turn up and put in the work!

Monday 24th till Saturday 29th – Interclass Throwdown
What: The daily workouts for Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th will be programmed ‘as normal’. So whether you just want to come and train or you want to help your class log the highest score, then you can. Friday 28th will be a “rest” day for the score board but there will still be a workout for those of you who just can’t stay away or who aren’t participating. Saturday 29th will be the final day and we will hold a Throwdown throughout the morning.
Why: Because it brings us together as a community and we all love a little competition to push each other on and more importantly ourselves.
How: Just turn up put in your all and make sure your score goes on the board and the Coaches will take care of the rest.


Friday 31st July

Workout of the Day
A: Muscle-ups

B: 5 rounds with rest 2 minutes between rounds

In 3 minutes:
400m Run
20 Wall balls 9/6kg
10 Burpee

In remaining time perform max rep of either
A) Muscle-up
B) Ring dip
C) Push-ups
– Choose one of A, B or C that you want to work on, and stick with it for the whole workout


Saturday 1st August

Workout of the Day
Monster Mash
A: For time:

400m run
45 Back Squats 50/35kg
400m run
30 Front Squats 50/35kg
400m run
15 Overhead Squats 50/35kg

B: For time:
11 Ring Muscle-ups
7 Squat Snatch at 85%
11 Ring Muscle-ups

C: “Grace”
For time:
30 Clean & Jerks 135/95

Front Squats!

Thursday 30th July



Workout of the Day
A: Front Squat (ALL: Establish a New 3 Rep Max)

B: 12 minute AMRAP:
30 Cleans 50/35kg
60 Double unders
20 Cleans 70/45kg
60 Double unders
10 Cleans 85/55kg
60 Double unders
AMRAP Cleans: 100/60kg
– Cleans can be power or squat

Mobility and Overhead Squats

Wednesday 29th July

Overhead Squat Mobility

We all know how tough overhead squats can be. Here are a few videos that will help get you prepped for tomorrow.

Shoulder test

Hip Stability

A Little of Both


Workout of the Day:
A) Mobility for Overhead Squats

B) 3 rounds, 1 minute per movement:
Power Snatch 40/30kg
Burpees over Bar
Overhead Squats 40/30kg

– The score is total reps for each round


Tuesday 28th July

He’s been to the CrossFit Games seven times, but this is the trip that counts. Ben Smith, ‪#‎FittestonEarth‬

Iceland’s own again wears the crown. Katrin Davidsdottir is ‪#‎FittestonEarth‬.

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom is the Affiliate Cup champion.


Workout of the Day:
A) Deadlift (6 x 2)
Beginners: 6 x 2, Add load as Technique allows
After each set perform 10 Push-ups (Regular, ring, deficit)

Intermediate: 6 x 2, start at 75% 1RM
After each set perform max rep strict HSPU

Advanced: 6 x 2, start at 80% 1RM
After each set perform max rep strict, deficit HSPU

B) 5 rounds for time:
6 Deadlifts 140/100kg
9 Box Jumps 30/24″
12 Toes to bar

Greasing the Groove

Monday 27th July


Greasing the Groove

A phrase made famous by the soviet strength and conditioning coach, Pavel Tsatsouline. ‘Greasing the Groove’ basically means doing the same skill or strength movement over and over again.
To get maximum effect you will want to perform the exercise of choice several times a day, several times a week, each and every set performed when you are fresh without going to muscular fatigue. Usually, this works best when performing the practice exercise for anywhere from 2-4 weeks (the length will depend on your current physical fitness level).
This can be easily utilised in bodyweight or olympic lifts. For example the Snatch. Start with 20-30kg on the bar, your skill will quickly improve – greater speed, greater strength and greater technique. You will quickly be able to Snatch 40, 50, and 60kg.
If you are finding your ‘GOAT’ isn’t improving, it may just be that you are only sporadically practicing it and not dedicating enough time to Greasing the Groove.
Here is the challenge. Focus on ONE movement that you are currently struggling with and dedicate 5-10 minutes each day for a month to work on it and lets see what happens. I look forward to hearing and seeing your results!

Workout of the Day:

A) Rowing efficiency

B) For time:
Run 400m
30 Weighted lunges 2 x 28/20kg
Run 800m
20 Weighted lunges 2 x 28/20kg
Run 1600m
10 Weighted lunges 2 x 28/20kg

Benching Gains & Weekend WOD

kara webb


Saturday 25th – CrossFit Games, Beers and BBQ
What: After the morning classes we are going to fire up the TV and get the CrossFit Games on, we’ll pop on a few events that people have missed and ones that have taken place overnight. Even if your not interested in the games, your are more than welcome to come down for a quiet beverage with the crew. If your keen for a feed, we will be firing up the BBQ, so just BYO anything you want to throw on.
When: from 11:30am
Where: At CrossFit Proficient

Friday 24th July

Workout of the Day:
A) Strength: Bench Press
All Athletes: Work in groups of 3-4

EMOM x 20
Minute 1: 5 Bench press, heavy as possible
Minute 2: 10 Ring row w/ feet elevated, add weight as needed
Minute 3: 80m Farmers carry, heavy as possible
Minute 4: Rest (and spot the person doing bench!)

In teams of 3, 15 minutes to get as far as possible

Calorie row

– Athletes take it in turn to perform a 20 calorie row, as fast as possible
– Then, all athletes perform a 30 calorie row, as fast as possible
– Finally, all athletes complete a 40 calorie row, as fast as possible
– The team keeps going for 15 minutes and get’s as far up the ladder as possible

Saturday 25th July

Workout of the Day:
Hayley (July – Member of the Month)

For time:
500m row
100 Deadlifts @ 50% of 1RM
100 Sit ups
100 Ring rows
100 Push press @ 50% of 1RM
*You must complete the previous exercise to begin the next. Slot the row in anywhere throughout the workout.

Snatches Galore

Thursday 23rd July



Sue working on Snatch technique with Max Dal Santo



Workout of the Day:
A) Barbell skill: Snatch

B) 25 Minute AMRAP:
Run 400m, then
2 rounds:
3 Snatch 60/40kg
6 Over the bar burpees
9 Chest to bar pull-ups

Front Squats and Games motivation

Wednesday 22nd July



The 2015 CrossFit Games start early tomorrow morning. Here is a look back at the 2014 Games to get you fired up for the week ahead.

Workout of the Day:

A) Strength: Front Squats 
All: 5 Sets of 5 Fronts Squats by feel

Beginners: Immediately into 5 broad jumps
Intermediate/Advanced: Immediately into 5 High box jumps (jump up step down)

B) In groups of 3:
Work relay style in a 15 minute AMRAP

1 Rope climb (Legless if possible)
2 Power cleans 70/45kg
3 Thrusters 70/45kg

Partner 1 completes 1 full round,
Then partner 2 complete 1 full round,
Then partner 3 complete 1 full round…and so on

Tuesday 21st July

CrossFit Proficient – WOD


(No Measure)

200 Singles

2 Rounds:

10 Supermen

10 Hollow Rocks

3 Rounds:

4 Kips on Bar (active shoulders)

6 Sit Ups

8 Dips

10 Alternating Lunges


Squat Therapy & Toes to bar

A: Toes-To-Bar


B: Metcon (Time)


Air squat

Toes to bar

Advanced can wear a weight vest!

Monday 20th July

CrossFit Proficient – WOD


(No Measure)

Run 200m

2 Rounds:

30sec Pike Stretch

30sec Straddle Stretch

2 Rounds:

10 Broad Jumps

10 Tuck Jumps

10 Star Jumps

10 KB Swings



A: Metcon (Weight)

Alternating 12min EMOM


Even: 3 Deadlifts, touch and go

– Start at 70% 1RM, add load as needed

Odd: 10 Ring rows


Even: 3 Deadlifts, touch and go

– Go heavier than last weeks sets of 5

Odd: 5-10 Pull-ups, strict or kipping


Min 1: 10 Deadlifts

Min 3: 8 Deadlifts

Min 5: 6 Deadlifts

Min 7: 4 Deadlifts

Min 9: 2 Deadlifts

Min 11: 2 Deadlifts

Odd minutes: 3-5 Bar muscle-ups

– The aim is to add load to each round of deadlifts


B: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds of:

4 minutes:

Run 400m

10 Box jumps 24/20

10 KB Swing 28/20kg

In remaining time: Max reps Burpees

2 minute rest between rounds