Doubles after Doubles

Tuesday 1st September

For those who didn’t make it into the box on Saturday. Here are the final standing after Saturday’s workouts. The 6pm Crew just edging out the Afternoon Shift!

Workout of the Day
A: Skill: Kipping / Butterfly Pull-ups

B: AMRepsAP of:
1 minute of Pull-ups
1 minute of Double Unders
1 minute of Pull-ups
2 minutes of Double Unders
1 minute of Pull-ups
3 minutes of Double Unders
1 minute of Pull-ups

2 Week Check-in is coming

Monday 31st August

Next week begins our two weeks of fitness testing. This will run from Monday 7th September to Friday 18th September

The two main benefits for you are:

(1) This is a chance to nail down some benchmarks that assess your present level of fitness and allows you to re-assess these benchmarks later on in the year, are you making the progress you want?!
(2) You can see where your areas of strength and weakness lie, and make any adjustments to your training as needed. How many of you are actually making effective use of the open gym?!

More details: check previous blog post

Workout of the Day
A: Skill: Hang Power Clean

B: Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
Shoulder Press 50/35kg
Each time you break, perform 50 double-unders

– Rest 4 minutes –

Then, complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
Hang power cleans 90/55kg
Each time you break, perform 30 air squats

Throw down Finale

Saturday 29th August

Inter-Class Throwdown Finale

Get down to the gym and support your class for the finale of the 2015 Inter-Class Throwdown

Workouts will be announced at the gym

15.5 – Active Recovery

Friday 28th August

Workout of the Day – Recovery wod:
Today we will have a recovery day planned. Its been a tough week of workouts, and tomorrow is due to be spicy!
This workout is designed to get you a little bit sweaty and have the blood flowing, but also to stretch out those shoulders, thoracic spine and the pesky hips and ankles.

We will also mix in a little skill work and have some mobility work at the end of class.

A) 15min cycle through at easy pace;
400m Run / Row
3 Skin the cats or 2 Lengths crab walks
6/6 Banded lunges
9 Wall squats

B) Handstand skill work

C) Shoulder & Bottom of the squat mobility

15.4 – Goblets

Thursday 27th August


Workout of the Day:
Inter Class Throwdown 15.4

Work in in pairs; 18min AMRAP
Goblet Lunge 20m
10 Pull-ups
10 KB Swings
Goblet carry 20m

Pull-up Scaling:
Advanced: Chest to bar pull-ups
Intermediates & Beginners who cannot perform any pull-ups can do ring rows.

Goblet & KB Swing weights:
Advanced 28/20kg
Intermediates 24/16kg
Beginner 16/12kg

GTOH Scaling:
Advanced 25/20kg
Intermediates 20/15kg
Beginner 15/10kg

– Everytime the KB touches the ground (including on transitions) 10 Ground To Overheads (GTOH) for partner who is ‘resting’.
– You cannot continue the work until your partner has completed 10 GTOH.
– This is performed “I go, you go’ style. Partner one completes one round, then partner two completes one round…and so on for 18 minutes

15.3 – Cluster F*#K

Wednesday 26th August


The Current Leaderboard

Workout of the Day:
Inter Class Throwdown 15.3

Work with a partner;
6 rounds (each) of 2mins work, 2mins rest;
Run 200m
10 Burpees
Max rep clusters

Advanced 60/40kg
Intermediate 50/35kg
Beginner 30/15kg
– One partner works while one rests
– The score is the total number of clusters completed by the pair over the 12 total rounds.

15.2 – Class Total

Tuesday 25th August

Workout of the Day:
Inter Class Throwdown 15.2

“The Class Total”

In groups of 4, find your max loads for;
In 10mins; 1RM Hang power clean
In 10mins; 3RM Shoulder To Overhead
In 10mins; 5RM Front squat

– Each team member must set a rep max in each 10 minute section
– No racks allowed, only human racks.

15.1 – Pentathlon

Monday 24th August

Inter-Class Throwdown
What is it?

On Monday 24th August the Inter-Class Throwdown will begin with a fun, week long program of workouts rounding off with a Saturday Throwdown.

It will require you to work as a team in your classes as well as an individual and by the end of the challenge one Crew will take the title of 2015’s most badass class.

How does it all work?

The daily workouts for Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th will be programmed ‘as normal’. So whether you just want to come and train or you want to help your class log the highest score, then you can.

Each class on the Monday through to Thursday will perform the same workout (scaled up or down appropriately for each class/level) and all of the scores from that class will then be logged and an average taken.

The averages taken from each class over the 4 days will subsequently begin to form the leaderboard.

Friday 28th August we will schedule as active recovery workout so you can still train, but there will be no scores logged this day.

The challenge will end with a Throwdown on Saturday 29th August which anyone can take part in. A last chance to change the leaderboard!

What are the classes/teams?

We have produced a list below of the classes/teams. Many of you attend the same class regularly and will know straight away which class is your crew. Some float between classes, which is fine, but whatever class you attend on the Monday-Thursday your score will count towards their average. On the Saturday your score would go under the class you attend most during the week.

Some classes on the schedule have been coupled together so the attendance numbers are roughly all the same throughout the day and also take into consideration ‘the floaters’. Here are the classes/teams:

– 6am, 7am & 8am (Morning Class)

– 9:30am & 12pm (The Lunchtime Crew )

– 4pm & 5pm (Afternoon Shift)

– 6pm (6pm Crew)

What if I don’t want to take part in the Throwdown?

We understand that not everyone likes the idea of competing, you just want to train hard. The workouts/classes Monday-Thursday will be run as normal 60min classes, it just the workouts will be used for the crews to log a score.

You do not have to take part on the Saturday Throwdown if its not your thing, but your more than welcome to come along and support your friends and fellow class members.

I don’t have an unlimited membership but want to support my class all week! What can I do?

Not a problem, for the week of 24th August to the 29th August we will allow everyone to attend unlimited classes that week at no extra cost.

I want to help my class, do I have to attend every day during that week?

Not at all, just come and train whatever days you can and have fun! As we are using the average scores it doesn’t matter how many people are in each class on a given day.

I’m worried about not being able to do the workouts. What will they be like?

Not to worry, all the workouts will come with appropriate scaling for the different levels.

The workouts will be a mixture of individual and team workouts.

Workout of the Day
Inter-Class Throwdown 15.1

In pairs, complete for time;
Run 800m (400m each)
50 Power snatch
Run 800m (400m each)
40 Over the box jumps
Run 800 (400m each)
30 Partner wall balls 9/6kg
Run 800m (400m each)
20 Rope climbs

Advanced 50/35kg
Intermediate 40/30kg
Beginner 20/15kg

Box Jump
Advanced 30/24″
Intermediate 24/20″
Beginner 20/12″

– Work is split as needed, but only one can work at a time.
– If there is an odd number, a team of 3 can be made, but the above rule still applies.
– Athletes must try, where possible, to partner with somebody at their same Athletic Level.

Health and Fitness check-in


From Monday 7th September to Friday 18th September we will be having a two week period of programming devoted to testing your health and fitnes.

This is a chance to see where you at in your training and a tool to help you plan your next few months.

What will we be testing?
We will be doing a variety of test that are considered tests of general fitness, we will also have some elements of CrossFit specific tests. Some of these tests will be important to markers to you as a fitness enthusiast, an athlete, and a avid CrossFitter, while others provide more important data to the coaching team.

Here is some of the information we will be able to get from the next two weeks…

Absolute Strength: This is the maximum amount of force that someone can exert irrespective of body size or weight, for example a 1 rep max back squat.
Relative Strength: This is maximum amount of force that someone can exert in relation to body size or weight, a good way to measure is using a 1 rep max and then compare it the individuals bodyweight. What is better being able to squat 150kg which is 2x your bodyweight, or squatting 140kg but its 3x your bodyweight?
Strength/Power Endurance: This is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to exert force to overcome a resistance many times.
Neuromuscular efficiency: NME refers to an athlete’s capacity to recruit motor units.
Explosive speed/power: Refers to an individual’s ability to exert a maximal amount of force in the shortest possible time interval.
Aerobic Power: This the ability and efficiency of your bodies cardiovascular system to supply sufficient levels of oxygen at increasing power outputs.
Aerobic Capacity: This is the ability of your body to utilise that oxygen in a efficient and economical manner at increasing power outputs.
Anaerobic Capacity: is the ability of your energy systems to produce energy without oxygen.
Agility, Accuracy & Co-ordination: Is the ability to change the position of the body quickly and with control.

What is the point of the 2 week “Check-in”?

The Check-In has several advantages for each of you as athletes:
(1) This is a change to nail down some benchmarks that assess your present level of fitness, and allow you to re-assess these benchmarks later on in the year.
(2) You can see where your areas of strength and weakness lie, and make any adjustments to your training as needed. How many of you are actually making effective use of the open gym?!

For us coaches:
(1) It allows us to see where everybody is at in terms of their fitness
(2) We can access whether the programming is effective and what the goals of the upcoming cycles should be.
(3) Allow us to better help you to be more awesome!

Friday 21st August

Workout of the Day:
A) Strength: Alternating EMOM x 10

Even: 8 Shoulder Press

Odd: Beginners: 10 Ring rows
Intermediate: 10 Ring rows, feet elevated
Advanced: 10 Weighted ring rows

B) Continuous EMOM
Even minutes: 5 Thrusters 70/45kg
Odd Minutes: 4, 6, 8, 10…Burpees

-Continue until you cannot complete the burpees within the minute

Saturday 22nd August

Workout of the Day
“Nick” – August Member of the Month
800m run
3 rounds
10 HSPU – 10 pushups for every time you come off the wall
800 m run
3 rounds:
Complex 60/40kg – 10 pushups for every time you drop the bar
8 Hang power clean
6 Squat Clean Thrusters
4 push press
800m run
3 rounds:
20 pullups – 10 pushups every time you let go of the bar
800 m run

Fight Gone Bad

Thursday 20th August

Workout of the Day:
“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds of:
Wall-ball 9/6kg
Sumo deadlift high-pull 35/20kg
Box Jump, 20″ box (Reps)
Push-press 35/20kg
Row (Calories)

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.