April 29, 2017 CrossFit Proficient

May Member of the Month 2017

Grantley Roper

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am married (10 years this year) to Kerrie, and we have two Children – Caitlin 7 and Connor 5. We are all members of Proficient, You could say we are a Proficient Family.

I work as an ICT Services Manager for an International Company with its head office based in Adelaide, and I am a one eyed Adelaide Crows Supporter and go to most home games with Jason Bachmann (Also a Proficient Member …. Well sort of)


When did you start CrossFit?
I had been doing a some CrossFit style PT sessions at another gym for a while, but my first CrossFit Workout was at YouFit in Mildura Sept 2015.

My lovely wife dragged my along to a Proficient organised trip to visit YouFit on the last weekend in Sept 2015 (Yes Grand Final Weekend, which I was not happy about!).

It was a brutal, but a good workout, and the YouFit Box crew were awesome.

Kerrie then gave me a Proficient membership for Christmas 2015.


My favourite WOD is:
Don’t really have one, but I don’t mind 17.4/16.4 (the scaled version).


My least favourite WOD is:
Anything with Overhead Squats in it.


My favourite movement to do is:
Probably Deadlifts, but I also like Push Press.


If there was one movement that would be banned at CFP it would be:
Do you even need to ask …… Overhead Squats


After my first CrossFit workout, I felt:
Like Throwing up! (But I didn’t).


My 2017 Goal is:
Improve my movements including HSPU, Pull Ups, Toes to Bar. Also to build strength.


My advice to new members would be:
Just remember you are only competing against yourself.


Something you might not know about me is?
I turn 40 in October this year.


If I was to create a WOD called the ‘Grantley’ it would be:

22min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts (100/70 RX)
19 MB Sit Ups
7 Push Press (60/40 RX)
7 Handstand Pushups
400m Run