July 28, 2017 CrossFit Proficient

August Member of the Month 2017

Yuvraj (Raj) Vaghela

When did you start Crossfit?
December 2016

My favourite WOD is
WOD which includes bit of weight lifting and gymnastic.

My least favourite WOD is
There are too many in my list but WOD which includes thrusters are my enemy.

My favourite movement to do is:
Back squats and dead lifts for sure with small distance running

If there was one movement that would be banned at CFP it would be:
MURPH. Cannot finish it at any given time. Exhausted and did not come to CFP for few days as an outcome of it.

After my first CrossFit workout, I felt:
I felt like I was on cloud seven. I couldn’t feel anything in my body.

My 2017 Goal is:
Be consistent and eat healthy food. Plus all the movements do properly which I am not able to do it right now. (Long list of it)

My advice to new members would be:
Jump into CFP training and it will definitely take you to your destination. CFP will push you in positive direction with extraordinary results.

Something you might not know about me is?
Selected for Under 19 cricket world cup for India but missed due to illness. Though I was not in final squad.  he he…….

If I was to create a WOD called the ‘Raj’ it would be?

Back squat (5-5-5-5-5)

30 minute AMRAP
30 Pull ups
20 Sit ups
10 Burpees
5 Deadlifts (100/70)