November 25, 2017 CrossFit Proficient

December Member of the Month 2017

Matthew Gooding

Tell is a little about yourself? Married, father of two (boy 14 and girl 12) and a construction manager for lendlease, building the new CBD school in adelaide. So time is a precious commodity! I used to do the ‘gym’ thing a couple of times a week fitting in and around the families commitments and I thought I was working out hard….. but then; I had the opportunity to try Crossfit after winning a 3 month trial membership from a school fundraising event. The gym membership was gone in two weeks and I have never looked back!

When did you start CrossFit? Started in May this year. 

My favourite WOD is: Generally anything that is a gymnastics or body weight type movement as that is my background. If I was to choose a single WOD it would have to be MURPH. Seriously tough and is a benchmark of body weight strength and cardio endurance. I had the opportunity to complete it last month and thankfully it did not kill me! 

My least favourite WOD is: I don’t really have a least favourite, but anything that involves overhead squats or burpees. 

My favourite movement to do is: Bodyweight movements; push-ups, pull-ups, dips and handstand push-ups and don’t mind rope climbs either. 

If there was one movement that would be banned at CFP it would be: In the first couple of months I would have said overhead squats, but I’m working on these and they are slowly becoming less intimidating. So burpees probably get the vote! 

After my first CrossFit workout, I felt: Pretty good and relieved that it was not as scary as I had imagined. Everyone was really supportive and welcoming. The next day, every muscle was sore and 6 months later that feeling has never gone! Some mornings, my colleagues at work look at me walk around the office like a 90 year old and question my sanity for doing crossfit ☺️. 

My 2017/2018 Goal is: something that I have not really tried yet, but now I have got kipping pull-ups going ok, I want to learn the bar muscle ups. 

My advice to new members would be: I still see myself as very new; but don’t give up and be consistent. I find the more you go the better it is. The hardest thing is getting out of bed, as once you are there you don’t have a choice other than to work your butt off!

Something you might not know about me is? I once played indoor Netball for Australia in both open men’s and mixed competitions.

If I was to create a WOD called the ‘Matt’ it would be?
4 or 5 rounds for time (depends on how long it takes people)
400m run
30 wall balls
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups
2 rope climbs