I’ve been a member of your team for about four months now and during this time I’ve discovered a new habit to assist and enhance my fitness level and wellbeing, as well as the opportunity to meet new friends.

At CrossFit Proficient I really enjoy myself and get really motivated when I am confronted with a new challenge as part of the WOD’s. We all work hard and encourage each other and it feels immensely rewarding knowing that we have completed yet another hard session. The variety and intensity of the training sessions makes crossfit so great and interesting.

For those who are thinking of giving crossfit a go and are unsure if it is for you, I can tell you, and any other member at CrossFit Proficient can tell you too, that yes, you can do it! With everyone’s help and the assistance of out great coaches you will find crossfit training rewarding and enjoyable!

See you at the gym…

– Lorenzo A

Before crossfit, I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. I was going to the gym, doing the same movements, lifting the same weights and forever looking and feeling the same. It became a chore to go to the gym, I didn’t enjoy it and knew it was only a matter of time before my lack of motivation through not seeing results was going to backfire on me.

Since I started crossfit, I feel like I have improved in everything. My form has improved, I am able to lift heavier, my cardiovascular system has grown so much stronger and I have a motivation I didn’t have before to better myself. I feel like my overall health has improved massively and I’m looking forward to getting the physique I’ve always wanted and the confidence that comes with being happy with ones self. Not to mention the amount of support that comes with joining a crossfit gym. I have made friends with the same goals as me and we all know we can work together towards self improvement.

– Jireh B.

Since settling into CrossFit I have found myself much more motivated by exercise and even though I am going only 2 times per week, I have found my strength and technique has improved. I have benefitted from the encouragement/pushing from the trainers and found myself getting fitter after I found the first few times really difficult. I have accomplished things I would not have thought possible in workouts (number of reps etc).

– James H.

Mother of Two – mind starting to crack.  I was getting to the point where I needed something where I could just give my mind some peace.  A place where I could focus on simple tasks, like moving and breathing.  Walking daily just wasn’t working cutting it anymore.  I needed to be challenged and pushed in a positive way.  Enter CrossFit Proficient, I have been exercising with them for only a short time but already I am achieving, my mind is stronger and my body is stronger.  But above all I have found a group of people who guide and support me in a fun environment.  Thank you to the trainers, Jesse and Pete, I look forward to the challenges to come.

– Abby D.

Ah so previously to crossfit  was training at the box with aaron and was doing similar style training and loved it, the way I was pushed and the strength I gained and then took movements away to practice during the week in a ‘conventional’ style gym. I had become a little disheartened and bored and decided to join.

Since starting I have continued to make some heavy lifts but it’s the cardio side of things that are incorporated that has been both challenging and made enjoyable again!

– Bec M.

My base line strength in all areas has grown a lot!!!!
I attribute this to not being embarrassed in using lighter weights to concentrate on technique.
After recently doing shoulder press and hang power clean metcon, I felt my technique let me power through with some really good weights.
The ability to push some respectable weights in the metcon is pretty cool. As is my recovery during and after sets and reps.
All in all I do alright for an old fella.
– John K.
I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire adult life. There have been days where I haven’t been able to leave my own house and for years I was on medication to help control it. Since joining Crossfit Proficient I have been able to manage the anxiety without medication which is a massive thing for me. I’ve always been in to exercise in one form or another, but Crossfit has given my training purpose and helps me focus. Exercise now excites me rather than seeming like a chore. Seeing new muscles or pulling off a move/weight that I’ve been working on is the best feeling in the world. Crossfit has been a life saver for me.
The coaches, the crew, the friendly, encouraging atmosphere, I couldn’t imagine training with anyone else.

– Hayley J.

I have been training at Crossfit Proficient with Jesse and Pete for 9 months now. Having trained at many other gyms in the past 18 odd years I have to say that this is the place that suits me best.

This is my happy place, at the end of a sometimes stressful day at work I come to Crossfit Proficient and push myself to my limits whilst being encouraged , not only by the great coaches but by my fellow crossfitters.

My strength has improved, while still having a way to go , but my cardio and endurance is the best it has ever been….that’s saying something as I have recently turned 60.

The coaches  are always patient, persistent and above all encouraging. Can’t see myself traing anywhere else.

– Chris M.

Before coming to Crossfit Proficient I was a member of a number of gyms, mostly doing muscle group weight training with occasional running and other cardio work. Toward the end of last year, I was feeling pretty demotivated about training in general and not happy with my overall fitness levels. A while back a friend of mine suggested looking into Crossfit. So at the start of this year I YouTubed heaps of WODs and tried to incorporate more high intensity compound workouts and less isolation-based weight training. I found I was really improving my health and wellbeing so I thought the next step was to join a Crossfit gym. I went to a couple of trial sessions at Crossfit Proficient and loved every part of it. After almost three months now I’ve been coming along 5-6 times a week and have learned some new skills, met some inspiring people and my fitness have increased significantly. I’m still getting my head around the gymnastics and Olympic lifting techniques but slowly getting there. Overall, I honestly think Crossfit Proficient is fantastic, the trainers are competent, down to earth and caring and the group-based training environment helps push yourself beyond what you would normally achieve in a workout. Every-day I walk out feeling like I’ve given my best and have gained something in return.

– Daniel J.