5 tips to help lose body fat over the festive season

When your goals are to lose excess body fat, the holiday’s can be the hardest time of the year. Events, celebrations, work functions, and enjoying some downtime can quickly lead to reversing your progress. Catching up with family and friends can be stressful, but your food choices don’t need to be. Here are our tips to help build a foolproof festive season.

Stay organised

Create a plan. Start by writing out your celebrations, then add every other meal outside of them. Identify meals where you can choose your portions and food types and meals where you can’t.

The average person eats approx. 21 meals per week. If you have one- two events, that leaves you with 19 other meals that you are in control over. Sticking to your plan pre-and post-celebrations is the key to getting back on track towards your goals.

  • Write out your holiday schedule
  • List all events and functions
  • Identify all of the surrounding meals that you do have control over.
  • Look up the menu early (if eating out)

Make smarter choices

Enjoying time with your loved ones is inevitable, we are social creatures and love getting together. But these events shouldn’t feel restrictive. If you have stuck to your food plan for pre-and-post celebrations, you can be fairly flexible during your special events.

Measure your meals where you can, eyeball your meals where you can’t. Luckily, Australian holiday’s are full of roast meat, vegetables and a variety of smart carbohydrates. Sticking to 1/4 plate meat or protein, 1/4 plate smart carbohydrates such as potatoes and pumpkin, 1/2 plate of vegetables. Your body will thank you the following day.

Grazing boards and cheese platters: Eat meats, nuts and seeds, full fruits and hard cheeses, avoiding wheat crackers, sugar and handfuls dried fruit.

Note: If the only thing you do this festive season is avoid sugar, then that in itself is a win.

Alcohol & Drinks

Due to their high calorie, low nutrient density alcohol and sugar-filled soft drinks of any kind will stop any significant body composition changes. However, you can mitigate the damage and ensure you aren’t undoing your hard work.

If you enjoy a few drinks, choosing lighter options. Sugar-free RDL’s and soft drinks, pouring slightly smaller glasses of wine and choosing the number of beers you’re going to drink before each event. Have a plan that you feel happy and comfortable with.

Drink slowly and drink plenty of water. You might just be thirsty.


Dessert can be the hardest meal of all. Delicious homemade puddings, cakes and pies all around, tempting you to eat them. If you can’t resist, try having a smaller serving. If you have had a good meal, reduced your alcohol and sugar consumption, then enjoying a small dessert is a fine way to end the day.

Swap it, don’t stop it. Bring your own dessert option, such as protein balls, sugar free brownies or make your own delicious healthy treats you can enjoy without worrying.

Be in choice

Chose which areas of your holidays you would like to indulge. Remember your goals. Create balance.

  • Minimise unnecessary snacking
  • Stay organised.
  • Eat a big meal full of whole foods, protein and smart carbohydrates
  • Reduce alcohol and sugar consumption
  • Enjoy time with your loved ones.

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