How not to sabotage your nutrition over the weekend?

The weekend is here, you have been great with your nutrition all week and have you found yourself sabotaging yourself over the weekend as you over eat and drink wayyy too much. 

Monday comes around and then your back at square one, the guilt, trying to exercise like a maniac trying to burn off what you ate and drank over the weekend and eating like a rabbit.

There are steps you can undertake so you don’t sabotage your health and nutrition each weekend.

Everyone has different fitness and nutrition goals. Some might find it helpful to have a coach assist them with this and have someone that you are accountable to. This way you have someone to discuss your concerns with and your coach is there along the way with you. A lot of the times people don’t know how to get themselves out of their rut.

What needs to be changed is not to have great nutrition not only between Monday and Friday but for everyday of the week. Also to learn have to live a balanced lifestyle.

Choosing a meal plan that you are able to maintain is the key.

Many meal plans have cheat days, throughout the whole week you are so strict and when it comes to that cheat day, you don’t know what you want to eat first so blow it out and most likely binge. This is a negative way to think about food. Food needs to be enjoyed in a balanced lifestyle.

If you make smart choices and if you want chocolate, have a small piece and then you won’t feel as restricted and less likely binge. 

There are also the mental side affects too. When you binge, the guilt, feeling sluggish, bloated and the energy isn’t as great either. Think to yourself is it worth it?

For an examples, if your out for a meal and it comes with hot chips, swap those chips for a salad or vegetables as a side. 

It is important to drink lots of water, keep hydrated and water helps absorb the mineral and nutrients.

Most of us always make excuses of why we do something and use that for why we eat or don’t eat.

  • You were busy. Or maybe you had nothing going on.

  • You were traveling. Or maybe you were at home.

  • You had to work. Or you had no work to do.

  • You had family/social meals. Or maybe you ate alone.

  • Plus many more excuses….

In our daily life there will always be an obstacle. We are all human and I am sure we have all done it at some stage in our lives. Ask yourself, why am I over eating? and what is the underlying issue. 

If you have an evening that you had a binge session, over ate or went off your meal plan, doesn’t mean you keep doing it throughout the whole week/weekend. The next day dust yourself off and get back to your clean eating or meal plan that your are following. 

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