April 2023 Programming Focus

During the month of March we tackled weekly Pull-Up work, finished out the CF Open with a bang, and got to dive into Leading Ladies week, which was the real highlight of the month!

Leading Ladies week brought 3 new workouts, 2 remixed workouts of old classics, and 2 tried and true classic female workouts all in one week!

Overall, March was a sort of “prep month” to transition us into our next macro-cycle: Build.

The next 3 months are going to be centered around building a STRONG base both with our classic strength movements but also with our strict gymnastics movements. We start this cycle off with 5 weeks of tempo for the Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press.

This is NOT meant to be excessively heavy, it is there to reinforce position and prime everyone for our 6-week Wendler cycle that is coming next month! Until then, we are in the “slow and steady” mentality during our lifting sessions.

Working strict gymnastics, specifically the Push-Up/ Handstand Push-Up/ Pull-Up/ Ring Muscle-Up, will be another primary focus this month and next month. By developing strength in these movements, the kipping variations will improve AND we are helping ensure our bodies stay healthy/ can hold up to kipping movements.

Our final focus is going to be our Aerobic Capacity conditioning efforts. This will take shape with 15:00-18:00 workouts (plenty of AMRAPs/ EMOMs/ Chippers) that sit somewhere b/t RPE 7-8. The idea is to build your engine and the best way to do that is to KEEP MOVING during conditioning pieces. Those heavy days or sprint-style workouts are still going to be sticking around but the overall focus is finding your 70-80% and trying to improve it!       

Tempo Cycle (27/3-30/4)

  • Week 1 (27/3-2/4)
    • Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press 3×8 (31X1)
  • Week 2 (3/4-9/4)
    • Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press 3×6 (21X1)
  • Week 3 (10/4-16/4)
    • Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press 3×4 (11X1)
  • Week 4 (17/4-23/4)
    • Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press 3×2 (11X1)
  • Week 5 (24/4-30/4)
    • Deload Week 

Workout Weekly April Commitments

  • (1) Deadlift/ Squat/ Press Day 
  • (2) Strict Gymnastics Strength Day 
  • (2-3) Mod-Long Workouts

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