How do I get a six pack ASAP?


Everybody seems to be obsessed with abdominals and having them be visible. In our culture that seems to be a sign of not only performance and sex appeal but now it’s turning more into a symbol of health as well.

In this article, I will give advice on how to make your abs more visible, however, I want to clarify that there are plenty of healthy people whose abs you can’t see.

Like with most anatomical-related things, how your torso and stomach is shaped is largely genetic. A lot of people can become very healthy, very strong, and very fit and still have a layer of fat over their abdominals, and this is perfectly okay.

But for those who do have a goal of showing your abdominals and improving your body composition (power to you). Here are the two ways to do it.

The first is lose fat by getting into a calorie deficit

Now in order to show our chiselled 6 pack, we need to lower the amount of fat that is covering it. We do that by simply losing fat in general. This is good news because fat loss is a simple (although difficult) process.

We need to simply get into a calorie deficit which is where we consume fewer calories than we need to maintain our body weight.

We can do this in a couple of ways.

1. By actually measuring our calorie needs in a calorie intake and then structuring, weighing and measuring our daily food to make it so we eat between 10-30% below our maintenance calories over a set period of time.


2. We creature structures in place that make us get into a calorie deficit, by simply discerning which changes and food habits we need to make to our daily diet and altering as needed until we start to get results.

This is our preferred method, it doesn’t involve a calculator and it’s what we work on in our daily habit coaching at the gym.

The second piece of the ab puzzle is to simply increase the size of your abdominal muscles.

This is achieved through progressive overload of the trunk musculature and utilising movements on a weekly basis which will invoke a hypertrophy stimulus.

Some of our favourite ways of achieving this at the gym are to include big Anti-Flexion exercises like the Deadlift and Front Squat which challenges the trunks’ ability to maintain posture during heavy movements.

We then complement those movements with isolation-based exercises such as sit-ups, Russian twists, hollow holds, planks, side bends etc to increase the volume of contractions on the abdominals and make them grow.

There you have it, it can be that simple.

Not that everyone should need or want to have a visible 6-pack, but if you do, you simply need to increase the size of the muscle of your abdominals through direct and in-direct trunk work and then lose fat around your stomach area by losing fat globally.

If you want to work directly with a healthy habits coach to help achieve this, reach out!

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