March 2023 Programming Focus

There were some BIG wins and exciting things from last month! Everyone built themselves up to a heavy 1-Rep Power Snatch/ Clean after six hard weeks of cycling/ power work during our Oly cycle. Everyone got after some fun Workouts and Benchmarks this month, too…specifically Fight Gone Bad and Be Mine! We also tackled one old CF Open a week (and one remixed one) in preparation for the main event of last month…the 2023 CF Open! We completed 2 Open workouts in Feb, and the final workout will be the first Friday of March, so let’s start there, along with all the other things we have in store for next month!

We start the first day of March off with a BANG by running a remixed version of Painkiller called Hurricane! We hit our final Open workout on the first Friday, and then we switch gears to recover and slow things down…a bit. This month will be sort of a deload month where the focus will revolve around building some Strict Pull-Up volume, continuing to Squat/ Deadlift, and taking some time to figure out what we need to work on for next year’s Open.

The biggest highlight this month is Leading Ladies Week! We will have three new ‘named girl’ workouts, two remixed girl workouts, and 2 of the classics, perfectly preserved, the week of 20/3. Let’s get hyped for March and everything it has in store!

Weekly March Commitments

  • (1) Deadlift Day 
  • (1) Squat Day 
  • (1) Strict Pull-Up Day 
  • Leading Ladies Week (20/3)
  • (1) Partner Workout on Saturdays 

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