May 2023 Programming Focus

Last month we kicked off our training with a fresh look post-2023 CF Open! Whether or not you used CF Open as a benchmark to measure your performance, in many ways, this was the beginning of a new training cycle.

We completed five weeks of tempo work to give our bodies some time to recover from the intensity of the first three months of the year. On top of the tempo work, we started our 9-week strict gymnastics cycle to either build capacity or possibly get our first few strict reps with the Pull-Up/ Push-Up/ Handstand Push-Up/ Muscle-Up!

Our aerobic capacity work focused on the 15:00-20:00 time domain with a nice sprinkle of longer and shorter workouts week to week. Most of May will be a continuation of April with a few changes, so let’s see what we are in for!

May kicks off our 5-3-1 Wendler Cycle starting with a test of our Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Push Press. We will then take those numbers and plug them into Wendler and look to make some progress in 6 short weeks! In our gymnastics, we will continue to develop our high-skill pulling and pushing movements while also layering in accessory work to help improve our strength and stability! Of course, we will continue to focus on overall aerobic conditioning and keep building our engines going into the second month of this building phase.

Lastly, we will begin adding in extra credit Pull-Up / Push-Up / Squat / Run prep for the MURPH workout coming this Memorial Day! These extra credit pieces will be meant to be done outside of class and can be completed on any schedule that makes sense for the athlete.

These will not be mandatory for a successful MURPH workout but they definitely will give everyone that completes them a competitive edge. Looking forward to a great month of training in May! 

Wendler Cycle (1/5-11/6)

  • Week 1 (1/5-7/5)
    • 1 Rep Deadlift/ Back Squat/ Push Press
  • Week 2 (8/5-14/5)
    • 1×5 @65% – 1×5 @75% – 1×5+ @85% 
  • Week 3 (15/5-21/5)
    • 1×3 @70% – 1×3 @80% – 1×3+ @90%
  • Week 4 (22/5-28/5)
    • 1×5 @75% – 1×3 @85% – 1×1+ @95%
  • Week 5 (29/5-4/6)
    • Deload Week 
  • Week 6 (5/6-11/6)
    • 1 Rep Retest Deadlift/ Back Squat/ Push Press

Workout Weekly May Commitments

  • Wendler Strength Cycle (BS/ DL/ PP)
  • Murph Prep Extra Credit
  • (2) Continued Strict Gymnastics Strength Day 
  • (2-3) Mod-Long Workouts
  • (1-2) Long Workouts 
  • (1) Partner Workout Option on Saturdays

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