Reduce muscle soreness, increase energy and getting back into training.

Whether you are about to start a new training program, getting back into fitness or easing back in after the lockdowns, your ability to recover and get back at it is very important to help you stay on track!

Here are 6 of our favourite 6 tips to support your recovery when you start training… Again.

1. Warming Up

Before you set out for your first training session, make sure to warm up! 5-10 minutes depending on your exercise to get blood flowing and to start warming up your muscles and joints.

Going straight into exercise wether its playing a sport, going for a run or doing a deadlift you risk injuring yourself if you don’t prepare your body before hand.

2. Cool Down & Mobility

Keep it simple, if you warm up to prepare the body, cooling down is slowly transitioning back into our resting state. Once you start to physically cool down, your muscles will stiffen up and start trying to repair themselves. By flushing out inflammation, lactic acid caused by exercise, and keeping your blood circulating around your body will minimise the likely hood of getting DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

3. Nutrition

Eating a variety of protein, vegetables, nuts and seeds, paired with starchy carbohydrates or fruit, will give your your body the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild. Most importantly balanced nutrition will help us refuel to go again.

4. Sleep

The benefits of getting a good nights rest often goes overlooked, and often compromised for extra training. Getting 6-9 hours per night will give your body time to repair, rebuild and wake up stronger then ever.

5. Hydrate

Replacing the water lost during exercise will reduce cramping, fatigue, headaches and increase physical performance. Water helps every one of our bodily functions, and replacing this fluid is crucial for helping us recover.

6. Active Recovery

Taking a rest day is so important for recovery, it gives our bodies time to rest, recover and build strength. However, taking a day off from intense exercise doesn’t mean sitting on the couch all weekend. Going for a walk, bike ride, getting outside or finding something active you like to do to stimulate the recovery process without putting strain on your muscles and joints.

Try some or all of these tips to help your body recover once you’ve started exercising regularly. You will feel refreshed, refuelled and ready to hit your next workout.

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Always speak to your health care professional before starting a new training or nutrition plan.

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