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Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Home Workouts

You may be workout from home, but your fitness can still stay on point!

We’ve received so many awesome emails and messages on social media about how grateful and tough our home-workouts have been. But did you also know that it’s perfectly suited for confined space and limited equipment?

In fact, we’ve been so inspired by our CrossFit Proficient community who continue to train at the gym, at home or whereever they are and are adapting to the current situation, that we wanted to share 10 ways you can improve your at-home training experience.

  1. Create a dedicated workout space. Try to use a garage or private area to keep family traffic from getting in your way.
  2. If you have kids or a significant other, try to involve them in your training. If you need your space, schedule time to yourself with your family.
  3. Pick a dedicated time to train each day to create consistency.
  4. Figure out what you are going to do beforehand so you don’t use up time trying to decide during your training time.
  5. Use external weights like dumbbells, kettlebells or sandbags to improve the effectiveness of your workouts. Our Limited Equipment Workout Of The Day is perfect for this.
  6. Prepare everything you need (water bottle, weights, etc.) before you start.
  7. Do the workout with someone over video chat if you are on your own.
  8. Do a 10-minute warm up that includes most of the exercises you plan to do in your workout. This will get your body ready to add load or turn up the speed.
  9. Do five minutes of Box Breathing to help focus your mind and prepare your lungs.
  10. Have fun! Put on your tunes and do a move you feel silly to try like a duck walk!

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