What to do now that the CrossFit Open is done?

The past 3 weeks at CrossFit Proficient have been epic.  The 2023 CrossFit Games Open has come and gone and as with every other year, the energy in the gym has been electric.

Watching people achieve PRs, movement firsts, and excel further than they thought is every coach’s dream.  But now that the Open is done, what should you do?

Celebrate Wins
Celebrating wins is something that far too many people overlook.  Looking objectively at each workout, where you excelled, where you struggled, and finding the silver lining and wins in each case can generate a ton of momentum to propel you forward.  Whether you simply competed in your first open (which is a very big deal), PR’d a lift or performed a movement that you’ve never done in the past, it’s important to take stock of all of these wins, big and small and pat yourself on the back.  

Assess Performance
It’s always important to celebrate wins first but the next most important step is to objectively assess your performance.  What were the areas where you were successful, and where did you struggle most?  It’s important not to compare yourself to others here which is why I emphasize objectively.  Comparing yourself to a games athlete isn’t a fair critique.  Ranking your performance against fellow classmates, or other athletes worldwide in the same bracket (RX/Scaled/Foundations) and age range would be a much better gauge.

Set SMART Goals
Once we have assessed our performance, and can clearly state the areas in which we struggled most, the next most important step is setting SMART goals.  SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based.   The most important aspect here is the “realistic” component.  If you for example want to be able to perform a muscle up, but you’re currently using a band for pull-ups, a better goal for you first would be building the upper body strength to be able to perform strict pull-ups and perfect push-ups.  The realistic component is where I see my clients stumble far too often.

Speak with your Coach
We’ve celebrated our wins, we’ve assessed our performance and we’ve spent some time reflecting and setting some SMART goals.  If you’re super proactive and self motivated, start your journey.  If you’re like the vast majority of us and struggle with getting the ball rolling or where to begin the process I encourage you to talk to a coach.  In some cases the coaches will give you some action items that you can perform on your own.  In other situations the coach may suggest some personal training skill sessions or even a custom coaching program to fit your goals.  The options are endless but speaking to your coach to serve as a guide is a HUGE step towards progressing forward.  

If you have any questions on how to perform any of the above steps shoot me an email. I’m always happy to chat!

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