What to expect during a CrossFit group class?

Whether you have tried a CrossFit group session or thinking about it here is what to expect during group classes; 

Group classes start with a coach lead warm up. Your coach will demonstrate the movements and you will copy. Warm ups normally run for 10-15 minutes and are designed to increase your heart rate and loosen the body. 

Following the warm up, athletes will gather around the coach for the coach to explain the workout. When introducing the workout, your coach will explain its purpose and benefits, and he or she will help you choose a load or variation that will make the workout perfect for you and your goals. Your coach will talk through and demonstrate the WOD (Workout Of the Day). 

Each workout has a prescribed load (RX), reps or movement. This is a way to standardise the scores for the workout, and compare to our previous attempt or to others around the world. 
CrossFit is now done by millions of people, and it’s sometimes fun to see just how well the best in the world do at the same workout. Don’t worry if you can’t do the Rx loads or movements yet. We’ll modify workouts for you. 

As you’ll see when you join a group class , there might be 10 different scaled versions of the same workout happening at the same time. But everyone sweats, everyone finishes together, and everyone smiles.
Then athletes track their scores in our tracking app Wodify.

In a few months, we’ll repeat some of the workouts and strength components and you will be able to compare your progress. When you do the same workout again, has the score gone up? Are you better at each skill? If so, you’ve won. With sound nutrition and regular training, you’ll win very regularly in our gym!

Once the workout is complete there will be a cool-down and clean up time roughly 10-15 minutes at the end to stretch and recover before heading off. Don’t forget to help your fellow athletes put away their gear once you’ve packed up your own. And you only pack up your own equipment once everyone has finished the workout.

If you have questions or need something explained again your coach will be ready to assist!

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