Workplace Welness


In 2014 we launched our Workplace Wellness initiative, and has since continuously changed the lives of those working in the Adelaide.


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Epic Energy operates a control room with personnel working 12 hour shifts to cover 24x7 monitoring and control requirements. We identified that a Health, Fitness and Wellbeing program would benefit our personnel and the company, improving people’s lives as an offset to the negative health impacts from shift work and also reducing fatigue and illness impacts to the operation of the control room.

 Jesse from Crossfit Proficient has been flexible and helpful in developing a program that best suits Epic Energy. The program has been operating for 5 months and has been designed to fit around the existing work roster patterns and workplace environment. The program is also designed to be easily scalable to suit expansion to other areas of the business. 

The program that Crossfit Proficient provides has engaged with the work team and has inspired them to improve their health and lifestyles, educating them on a range of factors from fitness to nutrition. I look forward to continuing to work with Jesse and Crossfit Proficient in our work place to improve our employees wellbeing and would not hesitate to recommend their services to other businesses looking to improve their employee services.

Josh Row
Pipeline Control Manager
Epic Energy