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Jesse Humphrys coach at CrossFit Proficient

Jesse Humphrys

Coach / Owner – CrossFit L1 Trainer – CrossFit L2 Trainer – Cert III & IV Fitness

I’ve always played sports growing up, it was only whilst training up to join the Army that I joined a gym. I instantly loved it, the feeling of being stronger and more capable was exhilarating. It was only fitting that I pursued a career in fitness. I came across CrossFit when I became bored in my own training routine. Instantly seeing how it would help supplement my training and a fresh approach to my personal training business. What I didn’t realise is that this would be a life changing experience. I am the proud owner of CrossFit Proficient, which boasts a team of amazing coaches and the best people that I could ever ask for as our members. I am passionate about people. I love teaching. I get excited when they ‘get it’ and I feel like I too have accomplished something big. This feeling alone will always keep me pursuing, learning and discovering. “The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax. Have fun. Work out.” – Pat Sherwood

Rubens Barros coach at CrossFit Proficient

Rubens Barros

Coach – CrossFit L1 Trainer

I’ve been coaching CrossFit since 2017, in Brazil. I’ve moved to Australia in 2019, since then I’ve been coaching in different gyms. It gave me the opportunity to coach a broad variety of people which had different goals and weaknesses to work on. On my journey as a coach I have been studying and applying my knowledge to help people to achieve their fitness goals. I love gymnastics movements, and the variety and challenge that CrossFit presents on each session.

Bianca Peppas coach at CrossFit Proficient

Bianca Peppas

Coach / CSM / Nutrition Coach – CrossFit L1 Trainer – Cert III & IV Fitness

Growing up I played netball but I never found sport not my thing. After high school I joined a gym but never felt comfortable. In 2010 I joined a small boutique gym and fell in love with functional fitness and running. I learnt the benefits of looking after myself and I felt the best I ever have. As years went by I educated myself more and got my qualifications as a personal trainer. In 2017 I joined CrossFit Proficient and here I am. My passion is to help members achieve their health and wellness goals and make it enjoyable at the same time.

Pete Rohde coach at CrossFit Proficient

Pete Rohde

Coach – CrossFit L1 Trainer – Cert III & IV Fitness

I’m here because I’ve experienced first hand the power of CrossFit and its ability to change lives. I’ve seen how the methodology of CrossFit transforms bodies and minds and I’ve experienced what an amazing community CrossFit can foster and how it brings people together. There are four things I will commit to give you each and every session: * Knowledge of and sincere care for your individual goals and progress regardless if they are CrossFit related or not. * An open mind and relentless pursuit in creating a welcoming and unique community that breeds success. * Commitment to our community (members and coaches) being great in everything we do. * Passion, energy and of course a good laugh! I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for over 15 years, in that time I’ve been a Personal Trainer, Manager and Gym Owner. I’ve done 1 on 1 sessions, Group Training Sessions, Bootcamps and Exercise and Nutrition Challenges. I’ve been active all my life playing Soccer and being your typical ‘Gym Rat’. I first discovered CrossFit in 2008 and tried to replicate the workouts in the ‘Globo Gym’ environment with limited success. I did my CrossFit Level 1 Course with some famous CrossFitters, Adrian Bozman (now Head Judge of the CrossFit Games) and Pat Barber in 2011. Together with Jesse we opened CrossFit Proficient in 2013 and the rest as they say is history.

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