Legends Program

CrossFit Legends is a coach-led, group fitness class for people 55 years of age or more looking to kick-start or continue their fitness journey.

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Why our Legends Program?

In our legends class our coaches aim to provide a safe, supportive space for people to explore there fitness with the guidance of a qualified coach. We take our legends through workouts at each athletes individual level. Helping members to develop both mental and physical strength and confidence. Our primary goals is to help members reverse or avoid the chances of chronic disease and reduce the chances of injury while at the same time improving quality of life, longevity and giving people a chance to join our incredible community of legends.

Core stability

Improved core stability and strength resulting in better posture & balance.


Increased stamina and endurance: a little goes a long way - stairs get easier to manoeuvre and distances needed to travel to seem shorter.


Increased strength and mobility in commonly atrophied and underdeveloped muscles.


Join our Tribe of caring, supportive people on a shared journey towards greater health!

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