November 2022 Programming Focus

Last month we finished up our Oly cycle that culminated in retesting out 1-RM Snatch/ Clean & Jerk, and Front Squat! We also retested our Benchmark workouts Cloudkicker and California Lovin which highlighted the barbell and allowed everyone to put their oly work into practice! We also continued to see two grind workouts per week to work on building those engines and trying to stay consistent over longer periods of time!

As mentioned above we will be switching gears and focusing on tried and true GPP for our strength. This means we will see lifting but it will not follow a linear progression. We will Squat, Press, Pull once a week and we will get a variety of different strength days leading up to the end of the year when we will test our 1-RM Bench Press/ Back Squat/ Deadlift. This could range from tempo to wave loading all with the primary focus of getting everyone ready for some heavy singles towards the end of December.

This month we will be slamming the pedal to the metal twice a week with SPRINT-style workouts. Coming off long GRIND workouts we should have a solid conditioning base and now we challenge that base with fast bursts of energy for single or multiple efforts. We will help train the body to recover more efficiently with these sprint workouts.

We will also retest two amazing workouts: DT and Ripcord. One is a classic Benchmark and the other is one of our favourite Benchmarks so get excited. Lastly, we will see 1-2 bodybuilding finishers from our FLEX program integrated into the week to get a nice pump leading to the end of the year! 

Weekly November Commitments

  • (1-2) Sprint Workouts 
  • (1) Back Squat Day 
  • (1) Deadlift Day 
  • (1) Bench Press Day 
  • (1) FLEX Finisher 
  • (1) Partner Workout 

November Benchmarks

  • DT
  • Ripcord

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