June Programming Focus

Welcome to June, ladies and gents!

In June you will see the Benchmark workout “Death Row” as well as 2-3 of our favourite Open workouts from this year and years past. In addition to our benchmark testing, we will also be pulling some AMRAP inspiration from the 2008 Games Champ, Jason Khalipa. Each week we will introduce at least (1) AMRAP MENTALITY workout. You can expect these workouts to be huge gut checks both mentally and physically.

Last…If you’ve been paying attention, we’ve worked our way through 3RM and 5RM from many of our main lifts. In June, we are going to slow things down a little bit by adding some prescribed tempo to our main lifts. By slowing down and spending more time under tension, we are looking to create some new adaptation and build some better habits — respect the tempo!

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