Why Should You Get a Personal Trainer?

Whether you are new to exercise or have been working out for years, a personal trainer can be a valuable asset to your fitness journey. 

Don’t Know Where To Start?

Starting at a gym can be an intimidating process, but a personal trainer can guide you through the start of your fitness journey. They can show you how to use various pieces of equipment, and instruct you on how to safely perform movements. A personal trainer will also work with you to develop a training program that is well balanced, with an appropriate amount of volume and intensity. They will help to ensure that you are training sufficiently to see results without overworking to the point of injury. 

Reducing Your Injury Risk

Using incorrect form when weight training can cause injuries including muscle strains and bone fractures. A personal trainer who is knowledgeable in movement technique can show you how to perform movements properly, and correct your form before it leads to any injuries. Relying on instructional images, videos, or observing other gym goers will not allow you to receive useful feedback on your technique. Instead of trying to figure things out on your own, a trainer can ensure you get movements right from the start and reduce the risk of you injuring yourself. 

A Fresh Perspective and Accountability

Maybe you’re in a bit of a rut or bored of your current training routine. Repetitive workouts can lead to boredom, plateaus in weight loss and strength, and burn out. A trainer can bring a fresh perspective to your training, introducing you to new movements, equipment, and training structures. They can help you set new goals and ensure that you remain challenged and enjoy your workouts again. 

It can be difficult to promise to yourself that you’ll continue to train, when you know that no one will be disappointed in you if you don’t go. Instead, a trainer will hold you accountable to the sessions you have committed to, helping you gain consistency in your training. 

Personalised Rehabilitation and Goal-Based Training

Partnered with visits to certified health professionals, experienced personal trainers will be able to work around illnesses, injuries, and health conditions to allow you to continue to improve your health and fitness. Chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis can be improved through exercise. For example, developing muscle strength and exercising can help support and maintain joint strength and mobility. Additionally, safely exercising through pregnancy can lead to a healthier pregnancy and an easier birth. 

Perhaps you have a specific goal in mind, such as preparing for a competition, rehabilitating an injury, or weight loss. No matter what your goal is, a personal trainer will be able to cater your training to ensure you work towards and achieve these goals. 

Not all Personal Trainers are the Same

Maybe you’ve tried to hire a personal trainer in the past but it really just didn’t work for you. Each person is individual and sometimes particular personalities and training styles don’t work together. Don’t give up all hope and stop pursuing your fitness journey. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t click with your personal trainer in the past. The right trainer is out there waiting for you, ready to help you smash your fitness goals by working with you and not against you.

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