December 2022 Programming Focus

Last month we Squatted/ Benched/ Deadlifted once a week in true GPP format…this means there wasn’t a linear progression, we simply lifted and went by feel. We saw 1-2 SPRINT workouts that challenged everyone to keep laying on the steam and we also saw some retests of some classic benchmarks. The final highlight of November was our weekly FLEX bodybuilding sessions to work on that winter bulk!

December is going to be about capping the year off with some damn fun workouts, tests of a 1RM Back Squat/ Bench Press/ Deadlift, and continuing on our November focuses. Remember folks the CF Open is right around the corner and these are the months we need to stay strong and get stronger! Expect to continue seeing SPRINT workouts, some fun holiday-themed workouts, and more bodybuilding leading us through the final month of the year! 

Weekly December Commitments

  • (1-2) Sprint Workouts 
  • (1) Back Squat Day 
  • (1) Deadlift Day 
  • (1) Bench Press Day 
  • (1) FLEX Finisher 
  • (1) Partner Workout 

December Benchmarks

  • Cali Bear
  • 1RM Back Squat 
  • 1RM Deadlift
  • 1RM Bench Press
  • Christmas Themed Workout
  • New Year’s Eve Themed Workout

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