September 2022 Programming Focus

August saw some huge improvements for our athletes both with gymnastics strength building and with SENDING IT during our Girl Benchmark workouts! I’m also happy to say we were able to program higher skill EMOM’s while also giving both coaches and our athletes options to challenge themselves with some higher skills OR to continue perfecting the basics. EMOM’s with options are the new thing!

Our Oly cycle was right around the corner so everyone got touches on the barbell working various complexes that set them up for success for the day but will also help shake the dust off for the coming 9-week cycle! The RUMP PUMP was real with those weekly finishers and while we will be focusing mostly on our Oly work in the coming months a few of these Finishers will sneak in every now and again. Now let’s…Spring…into next month and talk about all the things to come! 

September and October are going to be VERY barbell focused so get everyone excited because we are about to embark on a 9-week Oly cycle that will focus around the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and the Front Squat.

The main two actors will be the Snatch/ Clean with the Jerk and Front Squat playing supporting roles until the very end when we put everything together to see the fruits of our labor! After an initial test week, we will see various complexes for the Snatch/ Clean that will start focusing on explosiveness w/ light-mod weight and gradually build us to the full expression of the movements w/ heavy loading.

We will see a week focused on the Snatch/Clean Deadlift + Pull to help build proficiency in our pulls from the floor before we start focusing on the full movement from the ground the following week!

The Front Squat will be retested but is mostly there to help continue to develop leg strength for our two main lifts. Think of the Jerk the same way! These exciting focuses will make up the majority of our weeks but we will also see 1-2 Grind Workouts weekly AND a retest of the Filthy 50. Oh did I mention I’m going to remix Death Row into a new benchmark called Flatline? Ya, that’s happening too…

Weekly September Commitments

  • (1-2) Grind Workouts 
  • (1) Snatch Day 
  • (1) Clean
  • (1) Jerk Day 
  • (1) Front Squat Day
  • (1) Partner Workout 

September/October Olympic Lifting Cycle

WEEK 1 (5/9) 

  • Heavy 1-Rep Snatch 
  • Heavy 1-Rep Clean & Jerk 
  • Front Squat (10-10-8)

WEEK 2 (12/9)  

  • Hang Muscle Snatch + Hang Power Snatch 
  • Hang Muscle Clean + Hang Muscle Clean 
  • Drop Jerks  
  • Front Squat (10-8-6)

WEEK 3 (19/9)  

  • High Hang Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch 
  • High Hang Power Clean + Hang Power Clean 
  • Push Jerk + Split Jerk 
  • Front Squat (8-6-6)

WEEK 4 (26/9)  

  • Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull 
  • Pausing Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull 
  • Pausing Split Jerks  
  • Front Squat (6-6-4)

WEEK 5 (3/10)  

  • Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch 
  • Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean 
  • Split Jerks 
  • Front Squat (6-4-4)

WEEK 6 (10/10)  

  • Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch 
  • Clean + Hang Squat Clean 
  • Power Clean + Jerk
  • Front Squat (4-4-2)

WEEK 7 (17/10)  

  • Snatch 
  • Clean & Jerk 
  • Front Squat (4-2-2)

WEEK 8 (24/10)  

  • Deload

WEEK 9 (31/10)

  • Heavy 1-Rep Snatch
  • Heavy 1-Rep Clean and Jerk

September Benchmarks

  • 1-Rep Front Squat
  • 1-Rep Clean & Jerk
  • 1-Rep Snatch 
  • 1 New Named Benchmark Workout 
  • Flatline (Death Row Remix)  
  • Filthy 50 

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