August 2023 Programming Focus

Second half of the year, here we come! July started our Oly + Gymnastics Cycle, which will continue to be the main focus in August. We also switched our conditioning focus to be geared towards higher intensity SPRINT workouts showing up more often throughout the week. We got to throw down during our MYMC and hopefully left the MYMC feeling accomplished through the three workouts thrown our way!

Let’s shift focus to the month of August! We will see a continuation of the Oly Cycle, building percentages and eventually retesting our 1RM Snatch + Clean & Jerk. We will also retest Grace and Isabel or Randy just like we did at the beginning of the cycle to see how increased strength carries over to our barbell metcons.

The gymnastics cycle will start to take a different direction. In the first six weeks, we focused on a singular movement in the strength/ skill piece. In this cycle, we will see more of a focus on accumulating volume with a movement while adding in both complementary AND now also interfering movements.

For example: If the focus for the day is Ring Muscle-Ups, you might see a skill session leading into a metcon that has DB Power Cleans + Ring Muscle-Ups. Because you see a pull going into another pull, maximizing efficiency is going to be critical, and tests like these are exactly the types of things we’ll see in the CF Open, so this is going to help prep us for whatever comes our way!

Get ready for an epic month of training in August!

Workout Weekly August Commitments

  • (1) Gymnastics Strength/ Workout Focused Day
  • Strength Focuses…
    • (1) Snatch Day 
    • (1) Clean Day
    • (1) Jerk Day 
    • (1) Squat Day 
  • Metcon Focuses…
    • (1-2) Shorter Sprint Days
    • (1-2) Mod-Long Workouts
    • (1) Long Workout
    • (1) Partner Workout on Saturdays

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