Exercising and Pregnancy

Training while pregnant…..

Before I start I want to say that each individual situation is different.

Some still have the mentality that when you become pregnant your disabled in some way and can’t functionally do every day chores etc.

Some of this I am talking from my own experience and observations from friends and clients.

First of all, always consult a medical professional.

From my experience they recommend to keep your exercise regime continuing from what you were doing prior getting pregnant.

My two pregnancies were different in the sense first was a singleton pregnancy and second was a twin pregnancy.

With any pregnancy listen to your body, you will know when you need to step back or stop certain exercises.

I do not recommend if you weren’t exercising before becoming pregnant to commence exercising. Just go for walks if you desire to do something. As your body wouldn’t be use to the high impact activity.

My first pregnancy I was running/jogging until I was 37 weeks and my second I had to stop at 26 weeks. The looks I got with my first, imagine seeing a 37 week pregnant woman jogging with a Border Collie 🤭.

There are exercises you are able to do instead and with common sense decrease the amount of weights you are using. As you progress with your pregnancy you will notice that exercises needing more balance for an example lunges you might become unbalanced . Always remember there are alternatives to every exercise and something that is lower in impact.

Personally I noticed the difference with my pregnancy, labour (both ‘natural’ births) and recovery with no complications. Twins being a high risk pregnancy in automatically I honestly believe being fit and healthy made my pregnancies much easier throughout and post pregnancy.

People’s assumptions because I was fit before and kept a fit pregnancy I would ‘bounce back’ . There is no such thing as bouncing back.  Genetics is also a contribution and some will slim down much quicker than others.

With my first I lost the weight quicker but with the twins not as quick. I breast fed all three babies and my first priority was to make sure I was having sufficient nutritional food and hydrating myself to be able to feed them. With the twins it was much more demanding.

After I had my 6 week check up with both pregnancies I got into an exercise regime. I took it lightly first and slowly progressed from there.

 My advice to any mum, is take a realistic approach, exercise, eat well and sleep is an important part of weight loss. Sleep for the first 12 months at least for most parents are unbroken so if you’re tired just be careful with exercising and maybe don’t go as heavy and fresh air (walking/running) does wonders. As the weather is getting warmer get outdoors, Vitamin D is something which many of us lack because we don’t spend enough time outdoors.

If you have any questions in regard to this topic or wanting to be coaches under supervision while pregnant at Crossfit Proficient we would be more happy to assist you.

I have attached an article on this topic as well.



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