Goal Setting Made Easy

At CrossFit Proficient we are all about helping you reach your goals. Whether that’s in the gym or outside if we can help we will, if not we will cheer from the sideline.
Setting goals is important to keep us motivated. We love feeling like we are ticking off our achievements and moving forward throughout the year. Identifying our own success can be hard, we notice everyone around us achieving their goals but unless we stop to acknowledge our own success it is easy to become unmotivated.

Here are some of our favourite tips when setting your own goals;

Tip #1: Goals should be big.

We suggest you chose something that wont happen naturally, but it should also be something realistic and achievable.

For example; Doing 30 minutes of exercise per day for a month. If your starting point is 0 minutes per day this is a great goal. However, if you already exercise 30 minutes each day then this goal isn’t big enough.

Tip #2 : Figure out your why!

Your goals should be something that you really want. Not something that you would like or that sounds good on paper. Figuring out why you want to achieve something is critical to your success.

When you don’t have a buzz of motivation anymore remembering why you wanted to achieve your goals will help you stay on track. Remembering why you are going to the gym when its 2 degrees outside, remembering why you aren’t eating handfuls of chocolates when you’ve had a bad day at work and remembering why you want to lift more weights will see you succeed in the longterm.

Tip #3: Measurable

Put a time limit on it. What do you want to achieve and by when. If we give ourselves too long of a time period we set ourselves up for failure, we lose motivation and it can seem like the end is so far away.

If your goal is a 4 year goal, set yourself milestones to tick off along the way, mini goals within your bigger goal. This helps us stay on track and celebrate the little wins.

If it the time limit is too short, we can feel unmotivated to keep going once the time is up, feeling as if it will never be achieved.

Tip #4: Tell someone else.

Putting your goals into the universe can be scary. Admitting we want something that we actually want is scary. Have a think who can help you stay on track? Your coach can keep you accountable while you are in the gym, your partner for accountability while you are at home, maybe you need to put it on social media to make sure everyone knows about it. The more people who know about your goals the less you can hide from it, and the easier it is to be successful.

Tip #5: Make a plan.

Write down all of your foreseeable road blocks, what you need to be doing to reach your goal, and talk to your coach about getting started. Taking that first step is hard, but when you have a plan it will be easier then you think.

Now it’s your turn to identify your own goals and head towards a healthier and happier you. 

Take a moment to think about what you want your life to look like in 6 months from now… Looks great right? Let’s get you there. 

If you need help figuring our what is right for you, book a goal session by clicking the link here.

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