What is Scaling?

Scaling simply put is swapping one movement out for another. CrossFit is designed for everyone, no matter age, fitness level or ability. This means from time to time we need to mix things up and change the workouts to suit you. 

At CrossFit Proficient we are here to help you get the most out of your workouts. This means that you will most likely be scaling. During any of our group classes, personal training sessions or our onramp program, your coach will explain the various options to choose from for each movement. This is scaling. 

We scale workouts to suit each individual. We can do this by changing the rep scheme, the weight or load, or changing movement completely. We do this so everyone finishes the workout at the same time or to get the same stimulus. 
Each workout has an intention (the why), your coach will let you know what that is at the start of the class, it is also written in your Wodify app. This will help you choose which modification (scale) suits you. 

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