June 2023 Programming Focus

Last month we tackled some big workouts – the biggest being Murph, Cindy, and Point Break! Another great milestone in May was the 6-week Wendler Cycle which was built perfectly into the month, giving everyone a deload from the bar leading into the big Memorial Day workout!

Lastly, we finished our strict gymnastics cycle that spanned 9 weeks! We are confident that plenty of athletes saw improvements in their strict pulling/pushing, and hopefully, some got their first Strict HSPU/ Pull-Up/ or Ring Muscle-Up! All these points lead us nicely into June, where we will shift gears and begin preparing for our next major cycle — CAPACITY — kicking off in July.

Let’s talk about what we have in store for Proficient in June!

We start the month strong by finishing off our Wendler cycle with a retest of our 1-Rep Push Press/ Back Squat/ Deadlift. We will also see some basic kipping gymnastics skill work 1-2 times a week that will involve either the Pull-Up/HSPU/Muscle-Up. This will be reflected both in dedicated skill sessions and workouts. We will also have 1-2 Oly positional days to get us ready for our Oly cycle coming up in July. These days will be labeled as strength, but loading will stay light to moderate to allow us to focus intently on position.

Last but not least, in June, we will be running our ‘MID-YEAR MINI-COMP’ kicking off 16/6 and continuing 23/6 and 30/6. These 3 workouts over the final 3 Fridays of the month. The workout will be programmed as our class workout each Friday with both a Performance and Fitness version.

Overall, this is a great opportunity to step into the arena, push a little harder, and have a blast with your friends. The MYMC workouts will be fun and challenging tests for all our athletes to sink their teeth into!

Workout Weekly June Commitments

  • Retest of Wendler Lifts (BS/ DL/ PP)
  • (1-2) Kipping Gymnastics Skill Day 
  • (1) Oly Positional Days 
  • (3) Mid-Year Mini-Comp Workouts 
  • (2-3) Mod-Long Workouts
  • (1-2) Long Workouts 
  • (1) Partner Workout Option on Saturdays

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