March 2024 Programming Focus

February brought us some exciting training leading into the first week of the CF Open. The first big win was testing a 1-RM Back Squat/ Deadlift POST workout.

The idea behind this was not only to make sure we can move heavy loads under fatigue but also to prepare us for the CF Open, where there is almost always a heavy lift post-workout!

We continued to see old CF Open retest workouts along with testing out Benchmark for the month: The Chief! Leading into the first week of the Open we saw higher RPE workouts towards the beginning of the week that slowly tapered off into lower RPE workouts + a Friday quality/ recovery day to make sure everyone was geared up for the Open workout on Saturday!

Let’s see how we are going to finish the CF Open strong in March and highlight any other training focuses.

The first two weeks of March are going to be similarly built to the final week of February. This is to make sure the CF Open workout on Saturday is the highlight of the week while also allowing everyone to still get a solid week of training in.

Post Open, we will have our Leading Ladies Week, which is a week full of Classic Female Benchmarks and some new Named Female Benchmarks that we’ve thrown in as well!

We will also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a themed workout that surely will have you leaving the gym feeling lucky.

We will be testing Fran as our Benchmark workout this month, and we will also see the Hero Workout Laura during Leading Ladies Week.

The final highlighted focus for the month is focusing on the Strict Pull-Up or HS Holding in skill/strength sessions which will show up once a week to continue building body awareness and gymnastic strength!       

Workout Weekly March Commitments 

  • (2x/ Week) RPE 9-10 Workouts 
  • (2-3x/ Week) Focus on Couplets or Triplets 
  • (1x/ Week) Workout of the Week or Benchmark/ Classic workout 
  • (1x/ Week) Strict Pull-Up Strength or HS Hold Skill session 
  • (1x/ Week) Optional Partner Workout
  • (1 Full Week) Leading Ladies Week (Classic Female Benchmarks/ Named Female Workouts)

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