Meet our member of the month for JUNE, Danika! She is new to CrossFit and has been crushing it! The past few months she has progressed extremely and it really goes to show consistency is the way to go.

We ask her some questions about her journey so far.

Q: How long have you been a member at Proficient?

A: It would be close to 6 months now.

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a Proficient athlete?

A: Being considered a athlete …haha..

Q: How would you describe the community at Proficient? 

A: The best, everyone is so encouraging.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who is intimidated by group fitness?

A: Dont be! I was intimidated being new, now I prefer to be part of a group.

Q: Favourite music to sweat to?

A: Definitely gotta be some rage against the machines 

Q: Least favourite music to sweat to?

A: Anything to slow.

Q: Favourite movement/workout?

A: Can’t  say i can pick a favourite

Q: Least favourite movement/workout?

A: Running, Definitely.

Q: Is there a member of the Proficient Community that inspires and motivates you to be better? 

A: Rhiannon for sure. 

Q: Is there a member of the Proficient community that needs to know you are coming for them? Feel free to put them on notice!

A: Always check in with Rhiannon every morning before to make sure we’re both going

Q: Favourite post-workout meal?

A:  Fruit

Q: What fitness-related goals do you have for 2022?

A: To be fit and healthy, maybe not hate running quite so much.

Q: Describe your athletic abilities in five words or less.

A: hahaha….Trying..

Q: What’s your background story outside of Proficient? 

A: I’ve got 2 little boys who have endless energy, and I’m just trying to be fit enough to keep up with them

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