Five tips to get your partner going

Exercise is a charged part of many relationships. In certain situations, one person is very active with training, while the other feels that he does not get the time and opportunity to train.

Being frustrated by your partner’s passive lifestyle is hard in the long run, and having a bad conscience about your own passive lifestyle as well.

Many couples train in our gyms. It is clear to see the help they get from each other and the joy they get from a common interest. A supportive environment is among the most important of all for maintaining good habits.

Here are some simple tips on what you can do to help your partner start exercising

  • Give your partner the opportunity to schedule time for exercise, help each other set your schedules each week and make sure exercise is among the first items to be added
  • Don’t assume your partner likes the same thing as you – make an appointment with a trainer at a gym to let your partner speak to an expert
  • Does your partner not want to go to the gym? Buy a pair of kettlebells and invest in a few PT hours to learn how to use them
  • If time is in short supply and motivation is low, focus on basic exercises that give the most bang for the buck. Deadlifts and squats should be staples in everyone’s training program. Presses and pulls for the upper body. Do things that have a lot of impact and motivation will increase
  • Don’t assume that “training in gift cards” will land well. Talk about exercise first and agree on what might be a good way for your partner to get started.

There are many fears and anxieties when it comes to exercise and going to the gym. When it comes to exercise, however, you have no choice, you MUST live actively and you must exercise. Any time you put into sensible training is an investment that will start paying off from day one.

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