October 2022 Programming Focus

September kicked off with a BANG testing 1-RM’s of the Front Squat, Clean & Jerk, and Snatch! This also marked the kick-off of our second Oly Cycle for 2022…all about dialing in positional work with lighter bars for the first half of this cycle.

Don’t worry – we are getting to the heavier stuff soon! We also retested the Filthy 50 and saw a new variation of Death Row with our latest Benchmark – Flateline. Let’s see what October has in store for us both for the second half of our cycle AND for any other focuses!

Let’s first touch on the second half of our Oly Cycle! Up until now we have kept things light, and worked different positions and the only below parallel we have touched is with the Front Squat. Well in the second half of this cycle that all changes! We now will take the position work we have practiced the past few weeks and implement them with heavier loads, and start to fold in the squat variation of both movements.

We will also see the rep scheme for the Front Squats decrease which means we should be getting heavier and heavier each week. While there are no percentages associated with these, I would recommend recording what you completed the week before, and try to start/ end heavier!

The end of the month will bring us a retest of all 3 lifts so get ready and get excited! Similar to last month the Oly Cycle is going to be the main driver this month so our other focuses are going to remain fairly similar. We will still see 1-2 Grind Workouts each week, a new named workout, and a partner workout.

We will also see a retest of Cloudkicker and California Lovin so we can get excited to see those barbell heavy workouts come back up! Get excited for a scary amount of gains coming at you this month! 

Weekly October Commitments

  • (1-2) Grind Workouts 
  • (1) Snatch Day 
  • (1) Clean
  • (1) Jerk Day 
  • (1) Front Squat Day
  • (1) Partner Workout 

September/October Olympic Lifting Cycle

WEEK 1 (5/9) 

  • Heavy 1-Rep Snatch 
  • Heavy 1-Rep Clean & Jerk 
  • Front Squat (10-10-8)

WEEK 2 (12/9)  

  • Hang Muscle Snatch + Hang Power Snatch 
  • Hang Muscle Clean + Hang Muscle Clean 
  • Drop Jerks  
  • Front Squat (10-8-6)

WEEK 3 (19/9)  

  • High Hang Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch 
  • High Hang Power Clean + Hang Power Clean 
  • Push Jerk + Split Jerk 
  • Front Squat (8-6-6)

WEEK 4 (26/9)  

  • Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull 
  • Pausing Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull 
  • Pausing Split Jerks  
  • Front Squat (6-6-4)

WEEK 5 (3/10)  

  • Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch 
  • Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean 
  • Split Jerks 
  • Front Squat (6-4-4)

WEEK 6 (10/10)  

  • Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch 
  • Clean + Hang Squat Clean 
  • Power Clean + Jerk
  • Front Squat (4-4-2)

WEEK 7 (17/10)  

  • Snatch 
  • Clean & Jerk 
  • Front Squat (4-2-2)

WEEK 8 (24/10)  

  • Deload

WEEK 9 (31/10)

  • Heavy 1-Rep Snatch
  • Heavy 1-Rep Clean and Jerk

October Benchmarks

  • 1-Rep Front Squat
  • 1-Rep Clean & Jerk
  • 1-Rep Snatch 
  • 1 New Named Benchmark Workout 
  • Cloudkicker   
  • California Dreamin (Remix of California Love)

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