The Art of “Showing Up”

Some time ago I had an Athlete Check-In with a member. This member had for a period found it difficult to prioritise herself and her own training and we put a lot of energy into that. It is always the individual’s RESPONSIBILITY to get to the training and realise that it is actually important, however we would like to help in any way we can. Having someone HOLD ONE ACCOUNTABLE is often a really good solution.

Our deal was that she would workout in the morning sessions, which she loves, 2-3 times a week and every time she did it, she would write to me on Messenger. Not particularly difficult and not directly rocket research, but just the very thing that she “reported” to me and that I could praise her a little REALLY increased the probability that the training would be completed. When this had been going on for three weeks, the good habit had once again been established😊

Actually putting your foot down and “showing up” is the important step you must take. When that’s done, we take care of the rest for you, we plan the training, we tell you how it can be carried out and how it should feel, and then we coach you through the session, simple right?

  • Stressful day at work – come and train
  • Tough day at work – come and train
  • Poor sleep – come and exercise
  • Slept too long – come and train
  • Argued with roommate – come and train
  • Having a super day with my partner – come and train
  • It’s the weekend – come and train
  • Forgot a towel – come and train
  • Bad hair day – come and train
  • Good hair day – come and train
  • The children are making a fuss – come and practice
  • It’s vacation – come and train
  • Haven’t had time to shop – come and train
  • Can’t take it – come and train
  • If you think the workout looks difficult, come and train
  • Think the session looks easy – come and train
  • Don’t know anyone who is registered – come and train
  • Never met the coach who will have the class – come and train
  • My training partner bailed out – come and train
  • It’s a partner workout and I don’t have a partner – come and train
  • I don’t like the exercises – come and practice
  • The weather is good – come and train
  • The weather is bad – come and train
  • There’s a new movie on Netflix- come and work out
  • I’m in bad shape – come and train

See you in the gym!

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