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Children and young people who are not given a chance to develop good self-esteem risk spending a lot of time and thought on avoiding situations where they do not have full control. Instead of taking on challenges in life, they will spend a lot of energy avoiding trying new things, because they are worried that others will think they are bad. They will feel stress and anxiety about what others will think of them in most situations and thus life becomes a big “avoidance” and “risk calculation” instead of a curious discovery and gathering of experiences.

That is why we, at our gym, have chosen to spend a lot of time and energy training children and young people. At our training sessions, it is super easy for us to challenge children and young people. Not only by raising the intensity but also by exposing them to technically difficult challenges. When you are regularly exposed to difficulties, and receive professional help to cope with them, your motivation and belief in yourself increases. Being in a supportive environment, and learning to fight to learn new things there, is the best thing you can do to become safe, curious and develop your self-esteem.

When there is also no situation where you can be poked from the team, as in many other sports, the table is set for success. CrossFit is one of the hardest sports a kid can do, thanks to the variety. We give children difficult challenges, teach them to fight for success and show them how that attitude will help them in other areas of life as well. A new mindset is created.

  • An individual who has learned to struggle to achieve success tends to become more humble
  • An individual who has a humble attitude will learn to fight for success
  • An individual who gets to experience success becomes confident and proud of his own capacity
  • An individual who is confident and proud of his own capacity tends to be able to support others more easily
  • An individual who can support others contributes to more people being able to develop and feel safe

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