Why Your Kids Should Join Our Proficient Kids Program

How our program benefits: Kids and Teens


Kids and teens are not getting as much physical activity at school as they used to, which can contribute to trouble focusing on academics and poor retention of that schoolwork. There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that following rigorous exercise, focus, understanding and retention of academic subjects increase. This is why it is strongly recommended that immediately after kids or teens class is done, they do some homework for 20-30 minutes.


Kids and teens can become so specialised in a certain sport, at such an early age, that some general fitness becomes necessary for building overall athleticism and improving injury prevention. Kids and teens who are not interested in traditional sports can also become too specialised in one domain by choosing to only run, bike, etc. And if they don’t play sports, they face an additional problem: inactivity. Attending just 2 classes a week can have a huge impact on a kid’s or teen’s fitness and athleticism, whether they play sports or not.


Squats, sit-ups, jump rope, pushups, deadlifts, pull-ups. Imagine how skills like these can change a life. Families have told us about their kid crossing the monkey bars for the first time, and their teen crushing it at the mountain climbing gym because of their increase in strength. The impact own program can have on your child is crazy awesome.


Proficient Kids helps develop assertiveness, a positive attitude toward challenges, self-confidence, resilience, responsibility and teamwork. Classes also give kids and teens a sense of accomplishment in an environment of community and accountability.

How our program benefits: Parents


The average parent’s nightly routine is centered around preparing dinner, getting their kids to do their homework, and then enjoying a little relaxation. The stressful nights are the ones when you cannot get your kid or teen to focus on their schoolwork. What should take 30 minutes turns into nearly 2 hours of nagging and frustration. We have witnessed first-hand how encouraging kids and teens to do homework or to study immediately after a fitness session can have a profound impact on a family’s nightly routine.

Post-workout study sessions are more efficient (kids work faster) and more effective (saving time in the evening routine). The kids get more free time when they get home, which is really what they care about!


Talking deadlifts over dinner with my kid? Yes, please.

Every CrossFitter or fitness-loving parent wants to show their children that fitness is fun — it doesn’t have to be a chore. An added bonus is that you as a family get to share a new activity, and, as coaches, we love to hear families compare times and scores.

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