Children’s training and self-esteem

For us at Proficient Kids, we spend lots of time & energy to become the best in children’s and youth training. Simply because we like children and young people and because we know how important exercise is to get better self-esteem.

We use a permissive but challenging form of training to make the children confident enough to constantly DARE to challenge themselves and to make them feel just how tough challenges give them confidence.

We use a form of training where no one is “poked” or “taken out” to make the children confident enough to take risks and to make them realize that there are no failures.

When your performance and your ability do not affect the training experience of others, the feeling that “I have to do well” decreases and instead the understanding that “I am doing this for MY sake and for MY development” increases.

We have chosen functional fitness and CrossFit as our method precisely because we think it offers so many challenges while being so easy to start with. There is no end to the development curve when the training form is as varied as CrossFit.

With us, children learn to master their own bodies in many different ways. They also learn to master external objects such as dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. We give children a broad training competence and a belief in the body’s ability to take on challenges, we call it being “physically literate”.

For children and young people, we have personal training, training in groups for CrossFit or sport-specific training for both individuals and groups.

Do you want to give your child good conditions to take on challenges and a stable self-esteem? Contact us to talk about our child and youth training today.

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